петак, 29. октобар 2010.

Do You Want This?

                      And actually this is for healing and relaxing...I increase theta brainwaves,and its cool!:)
              This is me with my avs glasses...                  
                                  You should Try it!


уторак, 26. октобар 2010.

Balkan Idea Man

This year we lost another great artist. Many have never heard of Dragan Sakan and it doesn't surprise me. Sakan was the founder and director of New Moments New Ideas company. The psychologist who has become the pioneer legend of advertising, copywriter, artist, producer, president of many associations, writer,professor, winnors of many awards... His goal was to discover and nurture different types of ideas, to create brands (like Coko Moko,Leni,Rumenko ice cream in his student days  :)),to improve products and inspire people who share his vision. A skilled creative director whose greatest passion was ideas, market, advertising and creativity. Yugoslavian best Idea man over the past 30 years wasn't appreciated enough in Serbia, but he was well known around the world. Unfortunately we haven't heard a lot about him from the media. Serbian Culture is in decline and I can't see any progress soon. The collapse of values, cultural catastrophe, call it whatever you want, but criticism  won't do anyone any good. Our goal in this point should be good informative media. We've had enough of kitsch and trash, let's hear the voice of real art! I will allways remmeber this fantastic Sakan's thought: "The nature of creativity is squarcle, two incompatible things, square and circle!" And this one is for all :

                                             " Become more creative at work and in life! "